Karl Bergman specializes in panoramic travel photography from East and Southeast Asia.
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At the crack of dawn every day, a historic ritual takes place on the streets of Luang Prabang, Laos. Hundreds of orange-clad monks and novices parade down the sidewalks of the quiet streets to accept the alms of the local people. They pass by banana trees and the crumbling walls of old buildings and then tip their little baskets towards the outstretched hands of a person who gives them a scoop of rice... read more
Find a mysterious tropical paradise in Siquijor, Philippines.
The path out of the village opened up into a widened area that was packed with villagers wearing white head wraps over sullen faces. This was a funeral procession, stopped out of ritual. Firecrackers popped at the head of the procession, warding off ghosts and bathing the villagers in sulfur-scented smoke... read more