Tainan 35mm

the west gate of the Confucius Temple

the east gate of the Confucius Temple

Pan Gao Arch across from the Confucius Temple

Chikan Lou at night

koi fish pond at Chikan Lou

inside the Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) Shrine

the gardens of the Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) Shrine

statue of Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga)

Fort Anping

the remaining walls of Fort Zeelandia at Fort Anping

a replica gun at the Eternal Golden Castle

a bastion at the Eternal Golden Castle

the main hall of the Grand Matsu Temple

the Great South Gate

Wude Hall

lanterns at the God of War Temple

roof tile details at Dehua Hall

door god detail at Dehua Temple

deity mural detail at Kaiji Lingyou Temple

a bearded statue at Kaiji Lingyou Temple

praying at the Altar of Heaven (Tiantan)

resting at the Altar of Heaven (Tiantan)

gruesome statues at Dongyue Hall

old dorrway at Dongyue Hall

Luermen Orthodox Matsu Temple

a long hallway at the Luermen Orthodox Matsu Temple

celebrations at the Luermen Matsu Temple

Zhuxi Temple's white elephants

temple detail

old Fire Brigade building

Anping Treehouse wall covered in banyan tree roots

Anping Treehouse roof beams

Tainan Railway Station

Tainan Railway Station at night

the platform at Tainan Railway Station

train arriving at Tainan Railway Station

old West Market

the chapel at Tainan Theological College and Seminary

men gathered in the old streets of Anping

an old brick home in the old streets of Anping

an old gateway to a house in Anping

restored buildings on Shennong Street

a well-restored building on Shennong Street

skimboarding at Anping Beach

saltflats in Sicao

statues of Lin Mo Niang at Lin Mo Niang Park

the tall statue at Lin Mo Niang Park

kite-flying at Lin Mo Niang Park

the pond and pavilion at Tainan Park

lush trees and plants at Tainan Park

a bike path in Tainan Park

Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi on Ximen Road

Chikan Peddler Noodles restaurant on Minzu Road

the crowds at Hua Yuan Night Market

food vendors at Hua Yuan Night Market

treelined Fuzhong Street

retro furnishings at Kink's Pub

a temple down a narrow alley

performers get ready at a street festival

A helper wipes the blood from the back of a man involved in self-mutilation.

a classic building on Minzu Road

traffic on Qingnian Road

a home on Wufei Street

Nanmen Road

selling garlic on Ximen Road

the shops of Dongning Road

waiting to go, Dongning Road