Confucius Temple wall with war-damaged stele

Dacheng Hall, inside the Confucius Temple

the grounds of the Confucius Temple

people doing tai chi on the grounds of the Confucius Temple

Chikan Lou with a statue of Koxinga accepting the Dutch surrender.

Chikan Lou at night

A boy examines the remains of the Dutch fort, Provintia, on the grounds of Chikan Lou.

a lantern hanging at the Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) Shrine

children on an arched bridge at the Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga) Shrine

the Temple of the Five Concubines

door detail at the Temple of the Five Concubines

the statue of Koxinga at Fort Anping (Ft. Zeelandia)

City God Temple

traffic outside of the City God Temple

Qingnian Street and the City God Temple

the City God worship idol

Dehua Hall

Beiji Temple, decorated for a special event

Xuan Wu, the Mysterious Emporer of Heaven, at Beiji Temple

Grand Mazu Temple

Official Rites and God of War Temple

the main hall of the God of War Temple

the Great East Gate

the Great South Gate

Wude Hall, old Japaenese martial arts academy

Shuixian Market and Temple

Kaili Lingyou Temple

the Eternal Golden Castle gate

Zhuxi Temple

Luermen Mazu Temple

prayers at the Altar of Heaven (Tiantan)

Dongyue Hall (East Mountain Temple)

Fahua Temple

Yaowang Temple

a small shrine on Shennong Street

lanterns from a temple on Wufei Street

a large temple on Haian Road

a small temple near Yaowang Temple

men carry a sedan through popping fircrackers

sedan-bearers make their way through an alley

sedan-bearers taking a break

a drummer competes with the sound of exploding firecrackers

a drummer focused on his beats

a man ceremoniously flails himself

Anping Treehouse

A coupel photograph themselves at the Anping Treehouse

the old Tait & Company building

the old Fire Brigade building

remains of the old West Market

details from the old West Market

Wu's Garden

the mangrove tunnel at Sicao

Lakeside Waterbird Park along the Yenping Estuary

oyster farmers on the Yenping Estuary

Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium

Barclay Memorial Church

Tainan Park at night

restored houses along Shennong Street

Shennong Street at night

Shennong Street, outside of Yaowang Temple

Anping old streets

winter on Beimen Road

burning ghost money on Nanmen Road

the rail crossing on Qingnian Street

the railroad dividing the city

a small tunnel under the railroad

houses along the railroad

a small warehouse on Kangle Street

traffic on the Minsheng Green Park traffic circle

Minchuan Road in the Five Channels area

an old key and chop shop on Jinhua Road

Yaowang Temple on Jinhua Road at night

Jinhua Road near Haian Temple

an eatery next to a temple on Jinhua Road

on old pharmacy sign next to big ads on Ximen Road

wedding shops on Ximen-Minzu circle

shops along Ximen-Minzu traffic circle

a food stall on Minzu Raod

the intersection of Minzu and Gongyuan Roads

a small shop on a side street on the east side