About Karl Bergman

Karl Bergman has extended his background in the visual arts into many industries since graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University (BFA in Studio Arts) and the Vancouver Film School multimedia program. From the educational to the manufacturing to the travel industry, he has put his talents to work in a variety of ways.


An avid traveler, Karl has lived and worked in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. He has travelled extensively, with a particular focus on Asia. From 2003 to 2007, he worked with VRX Studios to compile photographic and other visual assets for the leisure and hospitality industries. He photographed over 200 properties in 10 countries for such clients as Sandals, Hyatt, Wyndham, Millennium-Copthorne, Expedia, and more.


Karl has worked in education both in front of the classroom and from behind the scenes. In addition to nine years of classroom instruction, he has developed classroom curriculum, written standard operating procedures for instructors, and spent two years creating illustrative multimedia graphics for computer-based instruction. He is also the author of the Tainan City Guide, the most comprehensive English guide to Tainan, Taiwan, currently available.


Most recently, Karl has turned his attention to manufacturing and architectural visualization. He has worked in cabinet manufacturing from drafting to engineering to installation of product. This experience has been valuable in going forward in design, visualization, and documentation.

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